Declan Bandana

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This bandana print has a special meaning behind it. In 2014 my mom gave birth to my half brother, Declan. He was born with CDH, the doctors were aware and ready to assist how ever needed. He was hooked up to machines immediately and was doing very well. Unfortunately over night he had a hemorrhage in his abdomen and went to be with Jesus that night. His room was ready for him, decorated in a nautical style which is why the anchor symbol is so important to my family and I. In honor of Declan and babies with CDH every where, we will be donating 50% of the proceeds of this bandana to a CDH organization. This print will also be continuously restocked as needed! Add this to your favorite doggo's bandana collection or if you haven't started one, begin the addiction now! Specially selected patterns, hand sewn in the U.S., available in limited sizes and quantities! Snag yours today!

  • Hand sewn in the U.S.A.
  • Machine washable. Hang dry.
  • 100% cotton

Sizing Guide:

Small/Medium: 16" x 16"

For necks up to 15"

Medium/Large: 21" x 21"

For necks up to 22"

Extra Small: 10" x 10"

For necks up to 11"